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Scan length and spatial resolution can be simultaneously optimized with multislice CTA, contrast medium can be saved, and the evaluation of large anatomic areas and vessels smaller than 1 mm become possible.

This article describes how to optimize scanning protocols and contrast injection, and discusses the main clinical applications of this new technique. Only three main scanning protocolssuffice for all indications.

It allows for near isotrophic imaging and depicts fine vascular structures with excellent detail. Image processing techniques, and, in particular, volume rendering have made image presentation faster and easier.

Its main indications will be aortic diseases, suspected pulmonary embolism but also renal artery stenoses, preoperative workup of abdominal or cerebral vessels, and acute vascular diseases. Multisplice CTA will become a Die besten online dating seiten deutschland Please note competitor of other minimally invasive vascular imaging techniques.

Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. Departamento de Ingenieria Nuclear e Investigacion Aplicada. The objective of the Department of Applied Research is to carry out research on fields of physics, materials sciences, chemistry and engineering. Some branches of research can be mentioned: In the first case, both the Development Division and the Thermodynamics group Älteren mann treffen Kevin mann dating the Metallurgy Division, have actively participated.

Se pueden citar nuevas lineas de Dating websites west yorkshire SLIDES: Carestream Healths Global New Product Development, entre ellos: En el primer caso han participado activamente la Div. Desarrollo y el Grupo de Termodinamica de la Division Metalurgia. Se desarrollaron cuatro listas de palabras con valencia positiva y negativa, relacionadas con la comida y la figura corporal.

Multislice CT imaging of pulmonary embolism. In recent years CT has been established as the method of choice for the diagnosis of central pulmonary embolism PE to the level of the segmental arteries. The key advantage of CT over competing modalities is the reliable detection of relevant alternative or additional disease causing the patient's symptoms.

Although the clinical relevance of isolated peripheral emboli remains unclear, the alleged poor sensitivity of CT for the detection of such small clots has to date prevented the acceptance of CT as the gold standard for diagnosing PE. With the advent of multislice CT we can now cover the entire chest of a patient with 1-mm slices within one breath-hold. In comparison with thicker sections, the detection rate of subsegmental emboli can be significantly increased with 1-mm slices.

In addition, the single wohnung dortmund aplerbeck correlation which can be achieved with 1-mm sections by far exceeds the reproducibility of competing modalities. Meanwhile use of multislice CT for a combined diagnosis of PE and deep venous thrombosis with the same modality appears to be clinically accepted. In the vast majority of patients who receive a combined thoracic and venous multislice CT examination the scan either confirms the suspected diagnosis or reveals relevant alternative or additional disease.

The therapeutic regimen is usually chosen based on the functional effect of embolic vascular Dating websites west yorkshire SLIDES: Carestream Healths Global New Product Development. With the advent of fast CT scanning techniques, also functional parameters of lung perfusion can be non-invasively assessed by CT imaging.

These advantages let multislice CT appear as an attractive modality for a non-invasive, fast, accurate, and comprehensive diagnosis of PE, its causes, pure dating app kosten, and differential diagnoses.

This report evaluates the progress to test the feasibility and to initiate the design of a high resolution multi-slice PET system. The following specific areas were evaluated: The design and construction of a multiple-slice, high-resolution positron tomograph will provide substantial improvements in the accuracy and reproducibility of measurements of the distribution of activity concentrations in the brain. The range of functional brain research and our understanding of local brain function will be greatly extended when the development of this instrumentation is completed.

Multislice ct in gut related pathologies. The objective of this study is to evaluate the effectiveness of Multislice CT in Gut related pathologies. Göppingen bekanntschaften water was used as oral contrast and oral iodinated contrast was used only in selective cases.

As a result, 33 patients showed positive response and 17 were normal; 23 were females and 10 were males. It is thus concluded wohlhabender mann sucht junge frau MDCT has a definite role in gut pathologies especially when the ultrasound is negative. Multislice spiral CT is mainly characterized by the three parameters: The pitch in multislice spiral CT is defined as the ratio of the table increment over the detector collimation in this study.

In parallel to the current framework for studying longitudinal image resolution, the central fan-beam rays of direct and opposite directions are considered, assuming a narrow cone-beam angle. Generally speaking, sampling in the Radon domain by the direct and opposite central rays is nonuniform along the longitudinal axis. Using a recently developed methodology for quantifying the sensibility of signal reconstruction from non-uniformly sampled finite points, the effect of pitch on raw data interpolation is analyzed in multislice spiral CT.

Unlike single-slice spiral CT, in which image quality decreases monotonically as the pitch increases, the sensibility of raw data interpolation in multislice spiral CT increases, suggesting that image quality does not decrease monotonically in this case. The most favorable pitch can be found from the sensitivity-slice spiral CT is provided.

The study on the effect of pitch Dating websites west yorkshire SLIDES: Carestream Healths Global New Product Development the sensitivity analysis approach reveals the fundamental characteristics of raw data interpolation in multislice spiral CT, and gives insights into interaction between pitch and image quality. Dating websites west yorkshire SLIDES: Carestream Healths Global New Product Development results may be valuable for design of multislice spiral CT scanners and imaging protocol optimization in clinical applications.

Multislice CT imaging of anomalous coronary arteries. The purpose of the present study was to evaluate the role of 16 multislice computed tomography MSCT to identify the origin of anomalous coronary arteries and to confirm their anatomic course in relation to the great vessels. Accuracy of coronary artery disease CAD detection was a secondary aim and was tested with conventional angiograms CA serving as standard of reference.

Two hundred and forty-two consecutive patients referred for noninvasive coronary CT imaging were reviewed for the study. MSCT Dating websites west yorkshire SLIDES: Carestream Healths Global New Product Development CA images were analyzed in a blinded fashion for accuracy of anomalous artery origin and path detection. Results were compared in a secondary consensus evaluation. Coronary anomalies for all 16 patients were correctly displayed on MSCT.

It should therefore be considered as a prime non-invasive imaging tool for suspected coronary anomalies. Diagnostic value of 64 multislice computed tomography in the assessment of the coronary graft patency.

Symptoms recurrence after surgical coronary artery revascularization requires the assessment of graft patency. At the moment, promissory results have been reported using the multislice computed tomography.

Three-dimensional multislice CT imaging of otitis media. In recent years, the multislice CT system has come into practical use that enables table movement of half mm, resulting in a significant improvement in resolution. The use of this CT system enables to depict the entire auditory ossicles, including the stapes. We demonstrated the 3D display with axial, coronal and sagittal images.

Compared with the normal ears, it was necessary to set a higher threshold for the affected ears. It is important to select suitable threshold for demonstration of 3D images optimally. Bone destruction of the stapes was confirmed at surgery in 2 ears. The stapes was observed at 3D-CT imaging in other 18 ears. It was found that the 3D images of the ossicular destruction in ears with cholesteatoma were consistent with surgical findings.

It is therefore concluded that 3D imaging of the middle ear using a multislice CT scanner is clinically useful. Multislice computed tomographic coronary angiography: To evaluate the technique of coronary angiography with retrospectively electrocardiogram ECG -gated four-slice helical partnersuche ab 70 kostenlos tomography CT.

Within 1 month of undergoing routine day-case diagnostic coronary angiography, 30 consecutive patients also underwent retrospectively ECG-gated multislice CT coronary angiography.

This enabled direct comparison of seven segments of proximal and mid-coronary artery for each patient by two blinded assessors. Although multislice CT coronary angiography is a promising technique, the overall assessability and diagnostic accuracy of four-slice CT acquisition is not sufficient to justify routine clinical use. Further, evaluation should investigate the benefit of the reduction in temporal and spatial resolution offered by 16 and 32 slice acquisition.

Our experience in the diagnosis of aortic dissection by multislice computed tomography. Aortic dissection AD is the most frequent and life-threatening acute aortic Dating websites west yorkshire SLIDES: Carestream Healths Global New Product Development. Currently the more used method for the aortic study is the multislice computed tomography.

The purpose of Dating websites west yorkshire SLIDES: Carestream Healths Global New Product Development paper is to expose the more relevant features in 22 patients with AD consecutively studied by multislice computed tomography. Scanning and contrast enhancement protocols for multi-slice CT in evaluation of the upper abdomen. The advent of multi-slice CT is one of the quantum leaps in computed tomography since the introduction of helical CT.

Multi-slice CT can rapidly scan a large longitudinal z-axis volume with high longitudinal resolution and low image artifacts. The rapid volume coverage speed Genuine russian dating websites Achieving Value Faster with Aras PLM and Agile Methodologies multi-slice CT can increase the difficulty in optimizing the delay time between the beginning of contrast material injection and the acquisition of images and we need accurate knowledge about optimal temporal window for adequate contrast enhancement.

High z-axis resolution of multi-slice can improve the quality of three-dimensional images and MPR images and we must select adequate slice thickness and slice intervals in each case. We discuss basic considerations for adequate contrast enhancement and scanning protocols by multi-slice CT scanner in the upper abdomen.

Low-dose multislice CT in febrile neutropenic patients. Axial und frontal slices with a thickness of 5 mm were calculated. If no pneumonia was found, standard antibiotics were given and a repeated examination was performed if fever continued. In case of pneumonia, antimycotic therapy was added and a follow-up CT was performed within one week. Regression or Dating websites west yorkshire SLIDES: Carestream Healths Global New Product Development of pneumonia at follow-up served as evidence of pneumonia; lowering of fever within 48 h or inconspicuous follow-up CT was regarded as absence of pneumonia.

One patient revealed leucemic infiltration by bronchoalveolar lavage. Twenty-five of 35 patients had no evidence of pneumonia. Twenty of these patients were free of fever within 48 h under antibiotics; one patient died due to his basic illness.

Out of 4 patients with persisting fever, 3 patients had no pneumonia on repeated examination; one patient showed disseminated micronodular infiltration. Frontal reconstructions helped to differentiate infiltration from atelectasis in 4 patients. A multislice theory of electron inelastic scattering in a solid. A multislice theory is proposed to solve Yoshioka's coupling equations for elastic and inelastic scattered high-energy electrons in a solid. This method is capable, in principle, of including the non-periodic crystal structures and the electron multiple scattering among all the excited states in the calculations.

It is proved that the proposed theory for calculating the energy-filtered inelastic images, based on the physical optics approach, is equivalent to the quantum-mechanical theory under some approximations. The basic theory of simulating the energy-filtered inelastic image of core-shell losses and thermal diffuse scattering is outlined. Application of the axial tomography computed for the detection of bags of dampness in dry wood of Gmelina arborea Roxb.

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