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Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. Occidental Readings, Decolonial Practices. Occidental readings, decolonial practices: Gender identity in literature. Three Modes of Intervention Colonial Mappings and the Beginnings of Epistemic Occidentalism The Conquest as Heterosexual Love Story Establishing Hierarchies through Developmentalism On Inquisition Die besten online dating seiten deutschland Please note Independence: Two Women Speaking About Women: A Dialogue With Virginia Woolf Who or What is Disintegrating?

Fridamanias and Devouring Mythologies: Questioning Conformity at all Levels The Traps and Scars of Translation: Syncretic Practices of Survival: Canon Fodder for the Culture Wars: Ethnic Ventriloquist or Sister in Struggle?

The Genre of the Testimonio Testimonio and Slave Narrative Multiple Marginalizations, Double Militancy: Unsimultaneities, Intranslatabilities and Tensions Specters of Humboldt in Germany Embracing Differences or Consuming the Other?

Three Modes of Intervention Prelude 1. Si no hubiese sido americana [ Throughout her lifetime, Ocampo voiced her opinion in Pick-up-Art an der Uni Frankfurt: „Dating-Coach streitet mit AStA cultural-political debates, for which the essay was her preferred genre. She published ten volumes of essays, titled Testimonios, many of which are written in the form of letters or fictionalized dialogues with her contemporary intellectual and liter- ary protagonists from diverse contexts.

Only a few of her essays have been translated from the Spanish. The collection Frida Kahlo. Das Gesamtwerk edited by Salomon Grimberg, Andrea Kettenmann and Helga Prignitz-Poda has become something of a standard reference work for Kahlo scholars and critics.

The Pick-up-Art an der Uni Frankfurt: „Dating-Coach streitet mit AStA portant thing is that what has happened to me has happened to many other people too: My story is the story of all poor Guatemalans.

The facsimile version was first published in a and b. The objective of her text is to raise consciousness about the situation of the Maya communities and landworkers in Guatemala. She claims recognition for her lived reality and her culture in a specific genre. How far are their inter- ventions received and represented in Western contexts? My assumption is that all three interventions are examples of different modes of attempts for representational agency. In differing ways, all three interrogate received frames of representation and knowledge production and challenge dominant power relations which, from the outset, interpellate and position them as subaltern subjects.

A close analysis of the ways in which these texts on the one hand negotiate these claims and how, on the other flirten bedeutung wikipedia, they are read within Western interpretive communities, will be the first focus of this book. In addi- tion, the traditional notion of the nation state as a frame of reference and likewise na- tional politics, literatures, cultures etc.

However, the circulation of knowledge, the determination of which forms of knowledge are considered relevant, and who is authorized to produce these forms, re- mains highly asymmetrical and normally structured along colonial lines.

In the con- text of hemispheric constructions, an increasingly academic interest in a transterritorial understanding of the Americas has emerged during the Pick-up-Art an der Uni Frankfurt: „Dating-Coach streitet mit AStA two decades. The critical and academic parameters have nonetheless remained structured along the lines of historically produced national boundaries, rarely taking into account the coexistence of diverse artistic-literary tradi- tions and practices, the overlapping and interdependent nature of cultural phenomena and disciplines.

For an overview see Ralph Bauer Introduction 5 tices of artistic-literary transfers and interactions that go beyond traditionally estab- lished national boundaries and takes the historically produced entanglements and ex- changes into account.

Academic as well as artistic knowledge production continues to be marked by a power hierarchy, which I will call epistemic Occidentalism. Hence, transnationality, as I will argue, is not to be understood as a new phe- nomenon related to current processes of globalization, dating absolut kostenlos many current studies suggest. Transnational processes have been taking place in the Americas at least for five centu- ries, and they are closely related to colonization and the transatlantic trade in enslaved Africans and its legacy.

Ultimately, Pick-up-Art an der Uni Frankfurt: „Dating-Coach streitet mit AStA study draws on approaches that focus on the intersection between historically established colonial and transnational axes of stratifi- cation with gendered and racialized ones. Unlike colonialism or colonization which refer to specific tem- porally and spatially restricted moments of colonial rule considered overcome with independence and post-colonialism, coloniality is understood as an ongoing worldwide structure of organization of power and knowledge.

As I will elaborate on in the second chapter, coloniality is further un- derstood as the precondition for European constructions of modernity, progress and 5 On Entangled Inequalities as Intersectionalities see Roth With Fernando Coronil, Occidentalism can be considered a process that turned differ- ence into hierarchy and then naturalized these hierarchies, which provided the condi- tion of possibility for Eurocentric concepts of modernity and related enlightenment discourses.

Following Coronil, I understand Occidentalism as a regime of knowledge production and an epistemic standpoint that provides a hierarchical perspective of the world. Morrison andor, a Critique of Occidentalism Dietze et al. It is against this backdrop that I am interested in how genre politics work.

The matrix of domination is related Pick-up-Art an der Uni Frankfurt: „Dating-Coach streitet mit AStA the geopolitical legacy of colonialism, and processes of differentiation depend on chronotopical contexts and circumstances. One major focus of my examination is the role and function of the chosen genres with regard to bekanntschaften kostenlos chemnitz potential single wohnung dortmund aplerbeck resistance, subversion and resignification from a subaltern position.

How do instances of occidental reception gay dating leipzig and de-authorize these strategies? Particular speaking posi- tions Pick-up-Art an der Uni Frankfurt: „Dating-Coach streitet mit AStA excluded from literary-artistic production and critical reflection or interven- tion because of the different evaluation of distinct genres. Studies of gender and genre in particular have underlined the interrelation between social hierarchies and genre hierarchies.

Genres perceived as autobiographical or life writing have been con- sidered particularly useful for such aims. Traditionally, the autobiography was a form used by White men of power in order to narrate their lives in a linear manner and set an example.

Based on the authority of experience, autobiographical genres have become forms 7 See for instance Eagleton andBenstockGerhartEarlyBoetcher Joeres and Mittman aSmithDuffFrowHof and RohrMiess Marginalized speakers in particular, however, oftentimes depend on referentiality and certain essentialisms in order to claim a voice in the first place. Introduction 9 ing relations between writer and reader.

I argue that racial and class hierarchies, gender hierarchies and genre conventions that are related to these images also worked to establish colonial hierarchies and that, vice versa, colonial hier- archies have worked towards establishing and reviving entangled inequalities based on axes of stratification along the lines of racialization, class, and en-gendering.

Briefly, I will consider the historical dynamics of cultural knowledge production about and be- tween the Americas since the European Conquest along three paradigms of differentia- tion. This overview is by no means intended to be complete or representative, but rather works along exemplary lines. Ocampo published her essayistic interventions under the title Testimonios and thus ascribes the genre specifically Hispanic American features and functions, while further authorizing herself by performing as an eyewitness and by referring to her personal experience.

I will therefore also provide a short outline of the specificity of the Hispanic American essay tradition and ask to what degree Partnersuche im internet succeeds in appropriating and altering the genre through her dialogic practices.

I consider Whiteness as a location and effect of the production of hegemony. I will also analyze a number of essay anthologies and their choice to include or not include Ocampo as an essayist. As a collective form and a genre that implicitly requires collabora- tion, the testimonio suggests future possibilities of transcultural communication and the decolonization of hegemonic representational practices. What do the dominant interpretations of her testimonio tell us about mechanisms of gendered and racialized processes of hierarchization and exclusion?

This objective re- quires an investigation of the related frames and parameters of knowledge production and the privileged loci of enunciation. I seek to link the analyzed dominant occidental images to recent examples and current debates from my German context as well.

I find it more productive to ask instead what it takes to grant them recognition beyond narratives of sameness, assimilation, and integration. What is re- quired in order to reverse the perspective toward similarities and differences, interde- pendencies and processes of translation?

Is it enough to grant cultural rights to mar- ginalized groups in order to overcome persistent inequalities along partnersuche im internet kostenlos ohne anmeldung lines of raciali- zation, gender and representation? Or does a truly emancipatory stance rather require the granting of discursive and epistemic rights as well? In which ways can new read- ings of interventions from the margins be conductive toward that aim?

Colonization as En-Gendering Vinieron. They had the Bible and we the land and they said: The consequence of the single story is this: It robs people of dignity. It makes our recognition of our equal humanity difficult. It emphasizes how we are different ra- ther than how we are similar. Such single stories exist on various levels and in numerous facets, they include single stories on histories, conquests, or, feminisms. Further, Pick-up-Art an der Uni Frankfurt: „Dating-Coach streitet mit AStA book asks which stories of them be- come the definitive stories against the backdrop of a setting defined by hemispheric inequalities.

How do the three speakers contradict, question and negotiate these defini- tive stories? On the one hand, I will read the examined texts and genres Pick-up-Art an der Uni Frankfurt: „Dating-Coach streitet mit AStA their received occi- dental receptions.

On the other hand, the interest lies in thinking ways to relate entan- gled inequalities as produced by coloniality with intersectional gender and genre hier- archies at the level of autobiographical production and intervention. It is against this backdrop that I am interested in this book to apply a decolonial-hegemony critical- intersectional perspective.

In my examination I am then interested in the extent to which the speakers I address are represented today in hegemonic15 occidental imagi- naries. All these dimensions and the respective intertwining and entangled axes of difference and stratification shape the imaginative spaces within which the three speakers are construed in dominating occidental interpretive communities.

Hegemony defines the frames of social negotiation and relies on the consent of the social, political and cultural subal- terns. Hegemony in this sense defines the site of definition and acknowledgement.

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